Why are we developing another device?

Our goal is to help the user, not to provide another layer of nice but useless technology. Therefore our project is entirely devoted to build something easy to be used and to be set up and reliable. Notifications are just a tool, not the target: our goal is saving the user’s time, helping him keep track of most of the aspects of his life. Everything seems to be digital so far, but we don’t have to forget the real world! The system will provide some essential features even in that field!

What can the system actually do to help you?

Easy-Notification can save your time. How? The user will be annoyed just by important notifications, thanks to a system capable of filtering useless messages and providing you relevant information as soon as possible. Nothing to be scared about: you can always keep everything under your control through a personal setting panel to decide not to be bothered by someone or during certain hours.

Moreover the device will be not designed merely to take care of the online life of the user, it will be able also to notify door bell ringing, excessive power consumption, room comfort conditions, to wake you up, check your calendar and provide you information about the news you are most interested in!

Is it useful for you?

Our target user is a person with an Internet connection, using several social networks and owning different mail boxes, but mostly interested in carrying on his online life without wasting much time. You are reading this web page, so we guess you have access to the Internet. You probably use also social networks and e-mails to communicate. Now you have to decide: would you like to keep on wasting your time or would you like to save it? Hopefully the answer of the last question helped you realize that actually YOU are our target user.

Where can it be installed?

Light and sound sources, as well as the door bell and electric consumption sensors, will be installed in the user’s house and so we can consider it as the main environment in which the system operates. Nevertheless, don’t forget you can access to the control panel and to the whole list of notification simply connecting to the Internet from every device and from everywhere.

What is our team’s vision?

We constantly keep in mind that the user and its time should be preserved and empowered. Many nice and complex features have been already implemented and are available over the Internet. What is missing right now is a platform capable of integrating all these features and make them as immediate and easy as possible. To learn more click [here] (/what-is-it).

Who are we?