TreataBit - I3P Showcase 21 Sep 2014

Having finished work on our project in July. Our professors with TreataBit at Sala AgorĂ , I3P, via Pier Carlo Boggio 59, Torino have prepared a showcase for us (and other projects as well) to present our projects. If you would like to attend, you must register (for free!) here. To find out more about the event, you can check out the official page (in Italian). Continue reading.

Updates This Week 13 Apr 2014

Week ending: 13 Apr 2014 We started documenting our work on the project, starting with a general system summary and a design of the architecture. Architecture and design: We started working on designing the general logical system architecture of our system. This would help us with keeping on tack while working. It would also allow us to approach the development in a parallelized way, which would speed up our development and ease the testing of... Continue reading.

Introduction to Smart Notifications 07 Apr 2014

Have you ever forgotten something from too many notifications about everything? You are not the first to have that issue. Many people face the problem of being flooded with notifications that are sometimes useless and unimportant, that mix up with the very important ones, thus making the latter less noticeable; and since notifications only appear as soon as they are sent, if they go unchecked at that time they will probably be missed. Wouldn’t it... Continue reading.

Welcome 06 Apr 2014

Welcome to our website. Alex, Paolo and I (Tamer) have just started working on this exciting new project for our Ambient Intelligence course at Politecnico di Torino. We hope that the results of this project can be in any way useful to you. Our code will be officially published on our git repositories and unofficially synced here. If you would like to follow us on the numerous social networks, you can do so from here.... Continue reading.