07 Apr 2014 by Tamer Saadeh

Have you ever forgotten something from too many notifications about everything? You are not the first to have that issue. Many people face the problem of being flooded with notifications that are sometimes useless and unimportant, that mix up with the very important ones, thus making the latter less noticeable; and since notifications only appear as soon as they are sent, if they go unchecked at that time they will probably be missed. Wouldn’t it be great if say, you could only get notified during a certain time of the day instead of throughout the day? Isn’t it better to just get the notifications you care about rather than all of them mixed? My friends and I are working on a project for our Ambient Intelligence course to solve and address these issues: Smart Notifications.

Smart Notifications are the notifications that are important and relevant at the time. For example, we don’t care if a cold caller leaves a missed call on our home phone, but if a close relative calls, it is usually important to know when they called so that we can call them back. Similarly, when it’s someone’s birthday soon it is usually only relevant to know that information the same day, unless they are a close friend or relative. There are many ways a Smart Notifications system can remind or inform us of a new important message; through the user’s TV screen, smart phone, computer, tablet and light alarms, to name a few.

You can head to the main website to get more information about it from (smart-notifications.com)[http://www.smart-notifications.com/]. We hope you like it.

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